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AOTOP TECH's VD-1237 Mirror electronic rearview mirror successfully obtained ECE R46 certification.

AOTOP obtained ECE R46 certification

In December 2023, AOTOP TECH's VD-1237 Mirror electronic rearview mirror successfully obtained ECE R46 certification.

According to the regulations of the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), to ensure the safety and environmental protection requirements of driving, major vehicle components (including rearview mirrors, lights, tires, electronic products, etc.) exported to member countries of the Economic Commission for Europe (including EU member states and 48 countries or regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, etc.) need to undergo E-mark certification. ECE R46, titled "Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Rear-view Mirrors and of Motor Vehicles with regard to the Installation of Rear-view Mirrors," is the certification regulation standard for automotive rearview mirrors and their installation.

Due to the characteristics of large vehicles, such as long body and high cabin, when drivers in left-hand drive vehicles observe the rear left and right through the rearview mirror during turns, there are significant blind spots in their field of vision. Using traditional physical rearview mirrors, drivers find it challenging to determine the presence of pedestrians or other objects in the blind spots, which can easily lead to traffic accidents. According to statistics, more than 70% of severe traffic accidents involving large vehicles are caused by accidents related to the blind spots created by the inner wheel difference, with a death rate exceeding 90%.

To address the various shortcomings of traditional physical rearview mirrors, AOTOP TECH established a professional research and development team in 2016 to independently develop the Mirror electronic rearview mirror. As of now, this product has undergone multiple iterations and has been installed in overseas original vehicle manufacturing factories.


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