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7 Inch BSD Rear View Monitor With Quad View and DVR

  • 7'' LCD HD 1024*600 pixels
  • Support 4 HD cameras input
  • Full touch screen
  • Storage up to 256 GB, loop recording
  • Product description: 1. Support AHD 720P/1080P cameras 2. BSD on left, right and back channels 3. Quad view, display 4 cameras on screen at once 4. 4 channels individually real-time recording

7 Inch BSD rear view monitor With Quad View & DVR Recording

AOTOP 7" 4 channels HD LCD rear view monitor with pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles detection (BSD) and recording (up to 256GB). This monitor supports 4 reversing cameras input, with 3 channels have blind spot monitoring function, left, right and back, making this monitor an ideal reversing assistant.

BSD - We have enhanced our standard 7-inch high-definition quad-screen LCD rear monitor by incorporating pedestrian, cyclists and vehicle detection capabilities. In addition to providing drivers with an excellent view of blind spots with 4 cameras, the Blind Spot Detection (BSD) feature proactively identifies pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles within the camera's viewing angle. It issues real-time audible and visual alerts to drivers, proactively preventing collisions and accidents.

In addition, the detection area is adjustable and can be reconfigured. If the driver desires a broader detection range, adjustments can be made within the settings, allowing flexibility to align with the driver's preferences or fleet management requirements.

Monitor Display - The monitor can be connected to 4 HD 720P or 1080P cameras at the same time, front, left, right and back. And it has multiple display modes, single view display, 2 split view display and quad view display. It allows drivers to switch between different camera display options easily by pressing the buttons or touching the screen. The monitor also includes three trigger wires that connect to the reverse lights or turn signals. When backing up or turning, the selected camera will automatically appear on the monitor.

High Definition - The monitor comes with crystal high definition 7 inch screen 1024x600 pixels, ensuring clear and color image. At the same time, the screen is touchable, thus the monitor can be controlled directly by clicking on the screen. The monitor has a light-sensitive element, and the brightness of the screen will automatically adjust with the ambient light, giving the driver a better using experience.

DVR Recording - The monitor also serves as a DVR recorder with memory card support up to 256GB. Camcorder videos are stored in separate files according to channels 1 to 4. Loop recording, eliminating the trouble of manually deleting recordings. When the memory card is full, new recordings will automatically cover the original recordings, ensuring that the latest recordings are always stored. The monitor supports Single channel playback.

Connecting - AOTOP have many models of HD cameras that can be adapted to this monitor, also different lengths of connecting cables 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 meter 4-pin aviation cables. The 4-pin connector on the cable is waterproof, dustproof and damage-resistant, as well as the cameras. The power cables of the whole system are located directly on the monitor and the individual cameras are powered through a 4-pin cable directly from the monitor, so is not necessary to connect each camera to the source. So the installation is very simple and user friendly.

Mounting - The monitor is equipped with an standard adjustable U-type bracket that can be attached to the dashboard. Also it comes with a sun visor to ensure a clear image and no glare. There are many other types of mounting bracket for option on our website, allowing the monitor to be attached to different position like windshield or ceiling. We also have spiral back-up camera connecting cables for trailer and semi-trailer, which ensures easy disconnection of the reversing system and re-connection.

Universal - This monitor is a very good vision safety solution, especially for some heavy-duty vehicles with driving blind spots. It can effectively reduce blind spots by showing what is behind or around the vehicle, and help drivers proactively avoid accidents through the BSD function. It is suitable for car, van, minibus, caravan, bus, truck, semi-trailers, agricultural machinery and other vehicles.